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onyolu@ 9:24am 07-27-2005
i don land ummu nna kep it up ok

Fro:m Minister of Orlu
Kyoki-Sama@ 3:03pm 07-26-2005
Kyuu! Im testin out dis guestbook.
farhad@ 2:34pm 07-26-2005
remco@ 7:00pm 07-25-2005
wil babbelshome
priscilla@ 4:57pm 07-24-2005
priserena@ 4:53pm 07-24-2005
Kat@ 7:21pm 07-23-2005
victoria@ 5:16pm 07-21-2005
ok aunt sharon i have no idea whut this is but whutever it is Good Job!
Ger.@ 12:43pm 07-20-2005
test@ 8:04pm 07-08-2005
just wanna see what works roost:
Peter@ 7:27pm 05-22-2005
Nice colors :haha:

But i would use other ones on my guestbook...
test@ 7:43pm 05-17-2005
Testy McTester@ 7:43pm 05-17-2005
Testy McTester@ 7:41pm 05-17-2005
testing 123
Bert@ 10:04am 05-13-2005
This is one of the four examples on of how your guestbook may look like.
The font face is Comic Sans MS, and the font size is set to 'big'.

Furthermore, this guestbook enables writers the guestbook to use UBB code, to make text bigger, another color, italic, and/or another font face.

Also writers of this guestbook are allowed to insert a link, or an image:

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